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Updating Lawyer Information

The information available through the public inquiry system and through the publicly available list is constantly updated throughout the workday as changes are entered into the database.

Under Rule 13 of the Rules of the Supreme Court on Lawyer Registration, every lawyer or judge "must immediately update the online registration profile or notify the Lawyer Registration Office in writing of any change of postal address."
To update lawyer registration information, please send changes to the Lawyer Registration Office.
Email:   lawyerregistration@mbcle.state.mn.us
Mail:   Minnesota Supreme Court Lawyer Registration Office
  Minnesota Judicial Center
  25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite 110
  St. Paul, MN 55101
Voice Mail:   651-296-2254 (Please speak slowly and clearly)

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The following information is available on an Lawyer Search: License Number, Name, Address, Current Status, Admission Date, CLE Category,Professional Liability Insurance information. Where the Lawyer ID is unknown, a search for the Lawyer ID may be conducted by Last and First Name (both values required) or a "sound alike" search by Last Name. Check the "previous last name" box to include a search of lawyers that may have changed their last name.

Please note that names with apostrophes in them may not be accurately searchable depending on how they were entered into the database. Please try your search with and without an apostrophe for an accurate result. For example, if you search for O’Hara and nothing comes up, try searching for OHara and/or O Hara.

Public List
A Public List consisting of lawyers' names, city, state and zip code is available by clicking one of the links below: